Philly Cheesesteak-ish Omelet or Scramble

The Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook starts out with the Authors mentioning their affinity for an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. Please note: I’ve never had a craving for this overly buttered mess of meat and hoagie (that may have come out wrong-but we’ll go with it) until I read the book that attempts to provide insight to eating and not cheating on Paleo. This craving was almost as intense as my pregnancy cravings for Gyros, so I improvised before someone got hurt….

My apologies for not taking pictures but I devoured this as if it were a timed WOD.

Philly Cheesesteak Omelet/Scramble

-Green bell pepper



-Finely chopped steak (similar to Steak-ums but I went with the Steak-EZE brand)

-Coconut or Olive Oil

-As many eggs as you would like

-Chop and saute the veggies in oil until softened. Set aside.

-Cook up the steak

-Whip your eggs and cook into an omelet or scramble them. Scramble was much easier and tasted the same. Add your Philly ingredients and enjoy 🙂 Omit the CHEESE portion to keep it Paleo but I thought it tasted great without it.




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