Tilapia with Jalapeno Salsa

This meal is from Wednesday.  I was getting tired of grilled chicken quarters and noticed I had a piece of tilapia in the freezer.  I didn’t want to spend any time searching for a recipe, as hungry as I was, so I improvised on the fly.  Put it in a skillet over medium heat and put about a tsp of coconut oil in.  While that was cooking, I diced up some jalapenos from my now dead plant (stupid cold front).  When the fish was light and flaky, I took it out and put the jalapenos in the juices that were in the skillet, then added spicy brown mustard, and some special hot sauce, Boudreaux’s Pipe Cleaner, both paleo by nature.  Let that simmer until it thickens, then pour over the fish.  Sorry, I ate half of it before I got around to taking the picture.


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