Long post

Well long for me. I typed this on a forum after someone asked me a few questions, and wound up typing on and on:

6’1″, usually right at 177lbs in the morning. A year ago and also before I started I was between 180 and 185lbs. Before I left for Qatar I was usually 180-182lbs, and after switching to the paleo diet I leveled out at 177lbs but got a whole lot stronger. Still working on flexibility because I have next to none from the hips down and it greatly reduces how much I can lift as far as squats and oly lifts go, even with shoes on.

As far as daily calorie and protein intake I have no idea, but I can sit down after not eating for a few hours and gobble up a 22oz strip steak plus a bag of steamed broccoli or microwaved yam (big yam). When I make fruit smoothies it has two scoops of whey (unflavored, http://strongerfasterhealthier.com/product/12), and a dose of their fish oil which usually comes out to over a liter of stuff and I’ll drink it all… holds me over for a few hours. What I eat is 90% good with some oreos thrown in because they make me happy, however when I eat is another story… I am not a good at prep so I often find myself with nothing to eat when I’m hungry, and wind up waiting until I can eat. I don’t mind skipping meals but some days it’s real bad like today, I’ve been sick all day and last night and have only eaten 3 burger patties (1/2lb before grilling ground sirloin with bacon in it) and I mega cheated with a large mocha frappuchino. BAD…. BAD ANDY…. *slap* So I’ve been starving all night and wanting to grill up the 3 steaks i have in the fridge, but will probably do that tomorrow morning.
basically I really try to just stick to the paleo basics: lean meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. There’s a ton of cool recipes and what not if you like to cook, but I don’t and usually just quickly make raw food. I do make almond meal pancakes from time to time because it is super easy and tasty and filling. Typically though, it’s meat, veggies, and fruit.
Out in Qatar it was easy because the dining facility had everything already cooked and I at chicken breast 95% of the time plus whatever side. The HARDEST part and probably the hardest thing to cut out was sugar. That includes corn syrup, hfcs, cane syrup, brown sugar, pure cane sugar, anything that is refined sweetness was OUT for 30 days. It got easier after a while, and I was never tired throughout the day but the first week was super tough. Also cut out was all grains and cereal grains and dairy. Nowadays I drink milk from time to time, but I’ll chug half a gallon of whole milk for a snack to keep something in me until it’s epic meal time. Sometimes I’ll mix that protein powder with milk too.

During one crazy hectic week in January, i was sleeping like 3 hours a night and hardly eating anything because of work and dipped down to 172lbs. Not only did that freak me out but it also gave me an almost meth face which is still lingering. People have noticed it too, there’s just a dip under my left cheekbone which is enough to cast a shadow and it looks like i’m on crack or something :olo: i was able to get the weight back plus drop a percent of body fat in the next couple months.

That is another thing tha tI try to closely monitor because I don’t have much… usually around 7%. It’s gone under 6% before and that was last year where I completely burned out. Basically I’ll try to keep it at 7-8% and second-handedly watch it through weight. If my weight changes enough like 2lbs up or down, and stays that way for 5 days or so, I’ll go get it checked (for free, of course.. in the bod pod). It usually dips too because i’ll forget to include an avocado or nuts to snack on (no homo) here and there.

so in conclusion, i know the paleo diet is the shiznit because a year ago my poops were small and heavy, and now they are massive (like 15″+), one solid piece, and float. I swear these things must weigh a good 2lbs too. I’ve had them wrap around the waterline 1.5 times. Almost sad to flush it too, cuz they’re so beautiful.
Body weight is steady, and as long as I can keep pushing to absolute failure with back squats, I can only get better.

That’s another thing…. two months of the 20rep program improved absolutely everything. Yes it hurt like hell for a while and I could barely reach to put my socks on for weeks, but after healing it was all good.

there's that indentation... not like it used to be, but still somewhat prominent even with a fill flash

another thing, I gave up on trying to weigh a certain weight a while ago, after i saw that my 180-182lbs prior weight was because of the bad (aka american) diet. So don’t ever try to weigh a certain number… you are going to weigh what makes you perform your best within your diet and exercise/lifestyle regimen… don’t go chasing waterfalls…


/dissertation…. why did i type so much. must be bored



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3 Responses to Long post

  1. Andy says:

    ONE MORE THING… the two people I had tagging along with me for workouts and meals out in Qatar each lost 20-25lbs in 6 weeks or so simply by eating the right foods and exercising. It was pretty awesome stuff, I was proud of them.

    Excellent work, Ryan and Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. justin601 says:

    Motivating rant! Thanks.

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