Almond Butter

Today I made some almond butter!! It tastes pretty durn good too. The recipe I found online called for blanched almonds which I happened to have, as well as almond oil, which I also happened to have. Next time I’ll use regular almonds to see how that is.


2 cups of blanched almonds
6tps of almond oil


Pour the almonds into one holder, then pour the almond oil on top of that. Dump the whole thing into a Vitamix (used the wet blade since it’s all we have), turn it on at low power and within 1-2 seconds crank it up to high power and use the tamper to continually smash it all down into the blades. Keep a hand on the bottom of the blender cup so that you can feel if the mixture is getting hot. Don’t keep th blender running for more than 30 seconds or so, you don’t want the mixture to get hot. Once it’s all mixed up, scoop it out and place it in a jar and enjoy!

I managed to get it all blended without it getting hot. It did get a little warm but I keep the almond oil in the fridge and that probably helped keep it cool during blending. Tastes good too!! Glad I got it on the first try… tastes just like the stuff at the store.


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