Update – Melissa

So, I have been sticking with Paleo for about a month now and I like it – it has been a great change.  The first two weeks were the hardest and I missed/craved a lot of the sugars I was cutting out.  I don’t get that anymore. I still love sweet things so I was creative during this first month and I will add in sweet things every now and then as a treat, not as the norm.

So now that you have seen what I have been eating for about a month, I am going to change my posts and stick to posting some of the recipes I have been trying and have this be less of a food log and more of food ideas and info about Paleo.

I hope that there are a group of you that decide to give this a try – its worth it!  Some things that helped me:

– writing down what I ate made me feel more accountable.  Andy can give you admin privileges to post your food here, or keep a notebook or, if you want to be accountable to someone else, feel free to email it to me!  You don’t need to do it forever but it did help at the beginning.
– get creative and have fun – Paleo is not and does not have to be boring.  Try some new recipes and enjoy it! Maybe even try some new foods…
– planning – I said it before but food/meal planning helped me. It helped me at the store stick to what I needed to buy and it helped me at home because I always had something available that was a good food choice
– stick with it and be fairly strict to start. You can always add food in later but see how it is to be a little strict first. You won’t know if it works and how it makes you feel if you constantly add non-Paleo food back in before you give this a try. But don’t beat yourself up if you treat yourself every once in a while. Remind yourself why you are doing this – most likely to be healthier and maybe lose some weight. Just stay mostly on track and you will be fine.

Also, I have offered to take before and after pics for anyone interested. Just let me know!

Please ask questions, look to me for support as needed and I hope that it is a good change for your life!

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