Day 25 – Melissa

I am finally on the mend!!  Fever has broke and is going down and I actually have a little bit of an appetite.  Good thing…losing too much weight not eating…

I hope some of you reading this are starting the CFCC Paleo challenge.  The first few weeks were tough but get through them and you will be on your way!!

0800 Breakfast
2 Hardboiled Eggs and a Banana/Pineapple/Strawberry/Blueberry Smoothie

1030 Snack
Trail Mix

I was not hungry for lunch so didn’t eat any. I did eat a chocolate chip cookie – a mini experiment. Need to get my taste buds back first though because it didn’t taste like much of anything… texture was really buttery… no adverse effects – no sugar rush, no stomach issues , nothing…. will wait until I can fully enjoy the taste to try again  🙂 Maybe try some pizza this weekend!

As I type this, I just prepped dinner which will take a few hours to cook – garlic pulled pork. I hope I can taste that!!  Recipe: Garlic Pulled Pork

1800 Dinner
Garlic Pulled Pork and Salad

It was yummy!  A little salty and I only used half of the recommended salt but still good and tasty.  And easy!!!  I will make this one again.  Not the best pic but its the only one I took before I ate it all  🙂

Pulled Pork

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