Day 23 – Melissa

Its official – Peyton has the flu and has given it to me.  I don’t have it as bad as she does – more of a tired, head cold kind of feeling.  She is on prescription meds and I am taking Dayquil and Nyquil.

0830 Breakfast
Eggs, sausage and grapes

This was the last of the eggs – not sure what I am having for breakfast tomorrow…

1045 Snack
Frozen Strawberry Fruit Bar

Throat hurts so bought a box of these while we were waiting for Peyton’s meds. It said 100% natural but it wasn’t – sugar was an added ingredient but lower on the list. Needed it for my throat though and it had less sugar than the sorbet and seemed a better option than ice cream.

1230 Lunch
Chicken and Tomatoes

Leftovers from yesterday’s lunch

1530 Snack
Trail Mix

1800 Dinner
Smoothie and Bacon

Ok – that sounds gross!! My throat hurts so all I wanted was a smoothie. I cooked the bacon as part of a salad for lunch tomorrow and ate a few pieces. Not as bad as it sounds 🙂

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