Day 22, Andyman, January 31

0745: 5 eggs, bacon, two kiwis, and 3 100ml bottles of milk.  Mouth tasted real funny in a bad way after the milk. Not going to get milk back in … makes me way too tired to function.

1200: Chicken breast, hamburger patty, and tomato slices.


1700: Two burger patties and tomato slices. Slim pickins recently….

2345: Taco meat (salty, yech), black olives and diced tomatos. Once again, it was this or nothing. can’t stand this place sometimes… I try to eat right but the whole dining facility is against me!!!!   Only ate half of this then got 3 kiwis.

Taco basics.

0001: Feb 1st, and had a couple kit-kats!!!!   Then i wasn’t feeling so good 🙂

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