Day 22 – Melissa

So, I am in the house with a sick daughter and running out of Paleo foods to eat…  Plus, being home all day makes me want to snack more….  I’m resisting but I would love some ice cream  🙂 And, I think I am starting to get sick. My throat isn’t feeling so good….

0830 Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Patties

1130 Lunch
Chicken and Tomato Lettuce Wraps and Watermelon

I had a package of chicken so thought I would add some tomatoes and balsamic vinegar and olive oil – a good lunch


1230 Snack
Trail Mix and Frozen Blueberries

The trail mix

I was still hungry after lunch so made some quick trail mix and ate the rest of the blueberries in the freezer

1730 Dinner
Chicken Noodle Soup

It doesn’t sound very Pale does it… I am getting sick. I’ve been in the house with Peyton who is sick and my throat is slowly getting worse. Last time my mom was here, she put some homemade chicken soup in the freezer for me. I defrosted it and had that for dinner. I ate around the pasta that was in there and has the chicken, carrots, celery, spinach and broth.

So, yesterday, I posted that I thought that maybe I somehow became allergic to coconut as I couldn’t think of what else this rash could be. So, I did some more research on the computer last night and I think it might be a healing reaction – something I had never heard of but it makes more sense that an allergy to something I have eaten in the past. Here is some info I pulled from multiple websites:

Healing Reaction:
Reactions to good healthy foods are not allergic reactions, instead they are healing reactions. When the body receives nutrients it needs it goes into high gear doing its job of healing and this results in detoxifying and healing reactions and symptoms which, includes rashes. (

As the body cleanses itself during detoxification and toxins are pushed out of the skin from the inside, the outer layer of skin becomes more sensitive.  Skin detoxification symptoms occur in any detoxification process (AKA – A RASH!!!).  Skin detox symptoms are a NOT a bad thing. They show that the body is working properly and ridding itself of toxins. It is often assumed that the skin reaction means that something has gone wrong when, in fact, the skin will be fresher and clearer once the detox process is complete.
So, maybe this rash is not an allergic reaction but a reaction from my body of eating a lot better…  I don’t know but that makes more sense than a sudden allergy…
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