Day 21 – Melissa

0630 – 0800 Breakfast
3 Scrambled Eggs and a Banana/Pineapple/Raspberry/Blueberry/Coconut Milk Smoothie

Had to get some good food in me before Warrior Dash today. Ate the scrambled eggs before leaving the house and ye smoothie to go in the car. This is going to be my last coconut milk smoothie for a little while…. I have developed an allergic reaction to something and it might be coconut. I have been eating a lot of fresh coconut lately so I am going to cut it all out and see if I get any better…

1230 Lunch
Pulled Pork and a Banana

We were at the Warrior Dash site so food choices were limited. I bought a pulled pork sandwich and ate it without the bread or BBQ sauce.

1630 Snack
Almonds and Raisins

1900 Dinner

I wasn’t planning on being home tonight. I was supposed to be out of town but I am home with a sick daughter so I ate whatever was leftover in the house. There isn’t much here but there were a few meatballs left. They are now officially gone.

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