Day 16 – Melissa

Before I get to breakfast, I wanted to share what a day of food looks like after I prep it in the morning…

A day of food

0700 Breakfast
2 Hardboiled Eggs and a Bowl of Strawberries and Blueberries

0830 Snack

It was burning a hole on my desk – I had to eat it!

0930 Snack
Homemade Jerky and Trail Mix

Thanks to Jesse for the homemade beef jerky.  It was good and now I want to make my own.  Dehydrators are on sale this week on Amazon too….

1230 Lunch
Portabella Mushroom Burger, Coconut and Leftover Trail Mix

The last of the burgers.  Also, before I went to bed last night, I cracked open another coconut.  I am getting pretty good at it!

Fresh coconut

1800 Dinner
Steak, Asparagus and Squash

Let’s start with the steak.  I thought I would give grass fed steak a go this week.  So, off I went to Whole Foods to buy some!  The butcher there was great and really chatty which, in this circumstance was good.  Apparently the best cuts of grass fed steak go quickly.  It is  better to get to Whole Foods Saturday or Sunday for that.  He also chatted about their bacon and sausage which you saw me eat earlier this week!!

The squash was Peyton’s choice.  I let her pick any veggie in the store.  Of course she informed me at dinner that her choice was just for me to eat and not for her  🙂


1830 Dessert

I asked Peyton to give me the verdict on the cookies – thumbs up or thumbs down.  See below…

Cookies get a thumbs up!!

She then asked if she could eat them all so I would say they are a hit!

And, I got an email from Jesse about a yummy Paleo friendly soup that he made tonight.  Hoping he will let me share the recipe!!

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