Week 2 recap

Week two is coming to a close, and I get to say that I only cheated ONCE, and it was more of a test than a folding of willpower. I had that milk to see how I’d feel and I felt t-i-r-e-d. So no more milk. Food wise I am doing much better than week one (I think..) and am getting plenty to eat. It feels good to just generally feel good all the time. I do get hungry at night sometimes, and most nights I just ignore it but sometimes I’ll go get some food which isn’t really a big deal.

I got my grill, and will be getting a bunch of meat sometime this week. Those will get grilled up all at once and stored for anytime eating. Also got a good supply of coconut milk for the smoothies, and we’re taking loads of fruit from the dining facility everyday to keep up 🙂 My suitemate Ryan is having his VitaMix mailed here and that will be the best thing ever. Also got a massive bag of raw walnuts and man are they good. They taste like maple syrup 🙂

I’m up in weight by about 1.5lbs, so making progress there. I held a back lever on the rings for the first time today too. Next week (tomorrow) starts the 10lb jump in 1×20 back squats, so I’ll be at 165lb.

I’m almost done reading “The Paleo Diet” by Dr. Loren Cordain, only one more chapter or so but I’ve got the bulk of the information in my head already. Awesome book, definitely read it, it has tons of information that you won’t find on webpages simply because of the volume of info. Also reading the information from the man who helped pioneer the paleo diet helps because it is all from one source and scientifically backed, as opposed to a webpage that was written by your average joe and his opinion.
In the book, he makes 3 levels of starting paleo, and each model has a certain number of cheat meals (NOT DAYS, MEALS.): Level 1 = 3 cheat meals a week, Level 2 = 2 cheats a week, Level 3 = 1 cheat meal a week. Wish I had known this before I decided to Defcon 5 with NO cheats at all… No big deal though. After a the first week you get to the point where you don’t even want to cheat. Then by the end of week two, it’s hardly even on your mind even though the want may still be there. My prediction is that after two weeks of being good and then  having a super cheat meal, you feel sick and dizzy enough that you don’t want to splurge like that again. I haven’t done it yet, but will on February 1st 😀

So in conclusion of this week 2 recap, you WILL feel really really good overall after following this diet. And I’d like to remind everyone that the word ‘diet’ doesn’t imply short-term quick-fix stuff. The word literally means ‘way of life’, and eating this way should be viewed as that. You already stopped working out like everyone else and saw the light, now stop eating like everyone else as well!! The light is that much brighter.

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