Week 2 Recap – Melissa

Week two was better than week one.  I didn’t feel as hungry and I didn’t crave so many things.  I will always like sweet things but this has allowed me to make better choices.

I will say it again, planning is key in this program.  It is so much easier to slip up if you don’t have a good plan for the week in what you will eat and have healthy choices on hand when you are hungry.  Normal life makes this difficult.  I am surrounded everyday in my life (in the office in particular) with unhealthy choices for food.  Its a choice to eat like this and it is tempting to revert back.  I was really good this week in my food choices.  Only thing that should be considered a slip is the turkey jerky I have has soy sauce.  That’s not too bad!!  You can’t obsess over it – just make the best choices you can.

Speaking of best choices, eating out is tough – so many yummy things on the menu!  And, you never know how things are cooked or every ingredient they put in it.  Again, it comes down to smart choices.  And grocery shopping…  I have been making a list after planning  my meals and it goes much faster.  Plus, I am really only shopping the outer edges of the grocery store  🙂

A few things I still need to work on.  I need to get better with buying organic fruits and vegetables.  I posted that list last week and I need to follow it better.  I bought a few things organic this week but will get better as I move along in the process.  I am doing better with the meat I am buying so that is a start!!

Overall a good week!!  And, I went to the grocery store today and I am stocked up for week 3!!

Stocked for the week


still more...

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