Day 14, Andyman, January 22

1400: Lunch at a kabob place, I had the something sticks with onions and some meat (think it was lamb), and eggplant. The other plate was chicken sticks. Then I got extra sides of tomato and cucumber, as well as grilled tomato. I didn’t eat any of the bread or anything!!!!

Appetizers... not for eating!!

Lamb kabobs?


Later we went to the store and I got a grill and a bunch of huge avocados. They aren’t ripe yet, but should be in a few days. Also got powdered coconut milk there.

THEN we went to the Safari Mall thinking that is was a mall, but it’s actually a massive grocery place with an appliance and electronic store on top of it. TONS of food!!! I found an entire section of coconut stuff, and got a few cans of coconut milk (unsweetened, of course). I’ll be getting my food from there from now on as it’s much cheaper and they have literally everything you could ever think of. The meat section alone sold all sorts of different meats including camel steaks!! All the beef looked very good too. Here’s some pictures:

Dead animals just hangin around 🙂


Mutton head

Beef tongues

1830: Small smoothie, one banana, one orange, 6 strawberries, 1/4 can of coconut milk. Best one yet.

2000: Dinner, only 3 chicken breasts since the veggie options was just brussel sprouts. no thanks.

2045: another smoothie, same as before 🙂

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