Day 13, Andyman, January 21

0600: 5 eggs, and bacon.

1300: Shake with one banana, one orange, and 6 strawberries.

1330: Three chicken breasts, and probably two sliced tomatoes, bowl of chopped fruit. All that was on the line for veggies was beans and potatoes, neither of which are allowed. Stupid dfac.

chicken and tomaters

1830: No picture of dinner, but it was 3 chicken breasts and 3 scoops of carrots. The carrots were done just right, very tasty. Also, snacked on the rest of my almonds. Must get more tomorrow!

1930: one banana, one orange, 7 strawberries in a smoothie. great combo!

2030: I’m fighting the urge to eat all the cookies in the world.

2200: Needed food, got one chicken breast, one burger patty, two scoops of asparagus, and one scoop carrots. Did the trick 🙂 followed up with a banana/orange smoothie

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