Day 12, Andyman, January 20

0600: 5 eggs, and bacon. No picture of this one.

1315: Smoothie with 2 bananas, 2 oranges, and lots of strawberries, plus water. these are pretty darn good!

1330: One chicken breast, one burger patty, and lots of steamed carrots. I JUST missed the last of the broccoli. Dang!!

after picture, this time πŸ™‚

1820: MEGA smoothie, two bananas, two oranges, and 12-15 strawberries. The extra strawberries made all the difference, plus they were really ripe. THIS was the best one yet, chugged the first .5L of it. so tasty…. will always put extra strawberries in from now on. I’ll be getting more avocados soon and will include one with every shake too. The color in the picture is not right either, it is actually a much darker pink πŸ™‚


1845: Two chicken breasts, one burger patty, and that was it… didn’t eat those shrimp. the sauce it was in simply wasn’t paleo πŸ™‚ Not to say I know what’s in the burger either….

good stuff

2000: Made another shake, same stuff as before, just as good πŸ™‚


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