Day 11, Andyman, January 19

0630: 5 eggs over-easy, bacon, 2 kiwis, and an orange. I only ate 4 of the eggs because one of them had a white yolk, never seen that before and didn’t want to give it a shot so 4 eggs was on the order. I brought the strawberries back to the room to make a shake later, and the other three fruits were gobbled up πŸ™‚


1330: Big lunch today because I was pretty hungry. Two chicken breasts, burger patty, tomato slices, asparagus, one kiwi, an orange, and 5 milks. Yes, milk. I thought I’d give it a test. I ate all the food, and drank all the milk (5x200ml bottles = 1 whole liter of milk) and omfg I was so stuffed I thought I was going to puke it out. I was that full… the painful full! It hurt so bad that I went and laid down and was konked out for 2 hours. So, maybe too much milk to kick it off with but regardless, I’m going to hold off on the milk for a while yet. The food part actually wasn’t too much at all, it was the milk that did me in.


1900: Dinner, 3 chicken breasts covered with steamed broccoli. Very tasty! The chicken breasts weren’t really too big so I got three. I could probably get 3 everytime… in fact I should up the calorie intake so 3 it is!

Chicken and broccoli

2140: smoothie with two bananas, two oranges, and a bunch of strawberries, 1/3 bottle of water. I wanted it a little thicker this time πŸ™‚ This was outstanding. The strawberries make it pretty good… i’ll be stealing many more of those from the dfac!


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One Response to Day 11, Andyman, January 19

  1. Andy says:

    oh whoops i forgot to put an orange slice in there…. dang

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