WEEK 2, Day 8, Andyman, January 16

3 Date: 6/7/10 7/21/10 8/21/10 24 Sept 2010 01 Dec 2010
4 Age: 27 28 28 28 28
5 Weight (lbs): 179.2 182 181.2 180.9 179.1
8 Chest (mm) 5 4 5
9 Abdominal 9.5 12 11
10 Thigh 8 8 5
11 Tricep 9 8 6
12 Subscap 19.5 10.5 10
13 Surpailiac 8.5 7 7
14 Midaxillary 10 9.5 6
15 SUM 69.5 59 50 0 0
18 BF% 8.37% 8.26% 6.83% 7.8% 9.0%
19 Lbs of BF 15.00 15.03 12.38 14.1 16
20 LBM 164.2 166.97 168.82 166.8 163.1

And now the most recent test, done with the JP7 method at the gym here at al udeid. She did this test a bit differently than how it was done at the Dammit Gym, on the thigh and tricep she told me to flex, but at the Dammit Gym they had me not flex. That probably explains the sharp drop in those from august. Also on the subscap, here they had me put my arm behind my back and at the Dammit Gym it was hanging down.

SO .. why did I post this? Because I just got another test done last night. In the morning I had stepped on the scale and it read 175.8 with jeans and a shirt on and needless to say that scared this living shit out of me, especially after weighing a consistent 180+ less than a month ago. Here are the latest results:

Weight: 175.0lbs

Chest: 7mm
Abdominal: 9
Thigh: 5
Tricep: 6
Subscap: 11
Surpailiac: 7
Midaxillary:  10

Body fat = 7.6%
Lbs of BF = 13.3
Lean Body Mass (lbs)= 161.6

So what’s going on here???? Not only have I lost fat but muscle mass as well?? Don’t want that!! I know my schedule has been non-stop for the last 3-4 weeks with very little sleep/food but DAMN… I knew something was up whenI weighed 177lbs two weeks ago, and then I was consistently falling on my face during workouts…. this test only proves my suspicions, and so does reading over the last week of blog entries.

Verdict? Strict paleo is nice if you are a fatty and need to lose weight and also have the resources available to make the diet happen, but out here the food choices are slim and overall crappy, very hard to fit into a strict paleo. The no sugar and bread is easy, but the lots of veggies part is not. This morning I was going to drink a whole cows worth of ‘full cream’ milk (3%), but the entire milk fridge was EMPTY!!! Except for strawberry milk, which is just sugar so a no-go on that. So I got coffee with 3 creamers instead. It had been a long while since I had that and within 15 minutes I thought i was going to poo my pants and felt like I was going to throw up for the next 3-4 hours. Now there’s a sign that I’m never getting that again… as for the milk, I’ll see how I feel after drinking some. If I think I’m going to make my pants brown and paint the sidewalk, then milk is staying out.

The other thing I’m going to do is get a george foreman style grill and buy some meat to eat back in the room. I’m already getting fruit from the store that i can’t take from the dfac and making big ol’ smoothies with it, and I think heating up a steak of fish steak along with that for an extra two or more meals a day will help a lot. Plus I plan on starting the 20rep squatting routine on mon, wed, and fri. 20 back squats without putting the bar down, 3 times a week, increasing the weight by 5lbs each week. Another reason I probably lost muscle mass is the fact that the pullup bars here are ABSOLUTE SHIT. I’ve probably only done around 100 or so in the last month… used do a couple hundred a week! You can forget about high rep pullups. Only left with strict pullups which I probably need to do more of anyway. So I guess strict pullups on the bar and when my rings get here I’ll do high reps on those.

That’s what’s going on here. Now on to today’s food!

0700: 5 eggs over easy, and bacon plus coffee and three creamers. Like I said, everything wanted to evacuate. No more coffee/creamers.

eggs, bacon, coffee

Here is the milk fridge. I did a triple take on this one, even cleaned my glasses to be sure of what I was seeing!!

Empty!! First time I've EVER seen this!! How odd

1300: Super smoothie 5k, only this time with a bunch of pineapple chunks, one banana, half tubs of rasberries and blueberries, and one avocado. The pineapple was the first one i’ve ever cut from a whole, and it tastes pretty durn good. Will be going to the dfac soon to get some chicken as welll as some more bananas.


1500: Stirfry, made with double shrimp, double chicken, double broccoli, pineapple, and carrots, and topped with butter. Very tasty!!

stirfry mix

2130: Two chicken breasts, lots of carrots (steamed), and some black olives. It allllll went down 🙂

2200: Super smoothie 5k, with one banana, two oranges, half tub of rasberries, handful of pineapple chunks, one avocado, and half bottle of water. super tasty! In case your wondering how much this comes out to, after it was done blending, the level was at the 1 liter mark! Drank it all 🙂 🙂

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