Day 8 and Week One Recap – Melissa

I made it through a full week!!!  It was a tough week so I am hoping this week goes better.

There has not been really any change to my weight (which is good and what I was striving for) but I didn’t like the constant hungry feeling.  Hoping this week is better for that too.  And I want to make good food choices this week!

I am off to the grocery store today to restock the house for the week.  I have been doing some research on what I should buy organic vs what is OK to buy in the regular produce section.  I’m not going to get to Whole Foods today so some of the organic choice may have to wait until next week but I am going to start phasing them in, along with better meat – as much as my wallet will allow.

So, to share, here are the fruits and veggies found to contain the most and least pesticides.  This is the 2010 list from the Environmental Working Group at EWG

What to buy organic

I was able to get a few of these organic this week and will get more next week.

One thing I learned about myself is that I like sweet things and sometimes fruit does not cut it.  So I am going to experiment with some new Paleo recipes and see what I can come up with.

Today was not a spectacular food day but here is the rundown:

0830 Breakfast

I am one who likes to eat breakfast food for breakfast. I know that many people who eat Paleo treat breakfast like any other meal but chicken or a burger for breakfast still doesn’t sit right with me. But today, without any eggs in the house, I got as breakfasty as I could and ended up with a plate of bacon, lettuce and tomato. Not too bad….

Breakfast BLT

1130 Lunch
Banana/Mango/Blueberry/Coconut/Coconut Milk Smoothie

I know, not the best and well rounded lunch but we were excited to have just bought another coconut and this time, the inside was much better so I added some to my smoothie – that was the missing ingredient – fresh chopped coconut! You can even see the little pieces in the picture!

Coconut success!!

The result

1330 Snack
Turkey Jerky

I thought I was being all healthy because this is gluten free turkey jerky, made with turkeys raised with no antibiotics. And, most of the ingredients are just turkey and spices. But, they did use some soy sauce which I assume is off limits because it is made with soybeans and salt…. It got me some protein…

“Trail Mix” and more turkey jerky

This time, instead of the raisins, I added in some freeze dried apples that had no additional incredients other than lemon juice. Pretty good stuff – almond slivers, sunflower seeds and apples

1800 Dinner
Leftovers – 1.5 burgers – same as last night (I had made extra – still have one left!)

1830 Snack
“Trail Mix”

I like something sweet after I eat – this was the best I could do

2030 Snack

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