Day 7 – Melissa

Weekends are tough to be good with food choices and today was especially tough for a couple reasons:
1. Birthday party surrounded by pizza and cake – the whole place smelled like pizza – and I love pizza. I didn’t eat any though.
2. I need to get back to the grocery store – I am eating what is left in the refrigerator but i am low on just about everything.

0830 Breakfast
1 Egg (all that was left), Bacon and a Pineapple/ Banana/ Mango/Blueberry/Coconut Milk Smoothie

Today wiped me out of food, except for a little bacon. I have no idea what I am going to have for breakfast tomorrow.  I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow!!!

1130 Lunch
Grilled Chicken Italian Sausage and “Trail Mix”

Told you I was getting low on food!

No snacks in the afternoon as I was stuck with the pizza and cake with no good food options. I was really hungry by the time we got home. We had a whole coconut here and we got it open it but it was a bad one inside. We had fun triyng to open it though!!  How often do you get to hit your food with a hammer?!?


Trying to crack it open

1800 Dinner
Beef and Chorizo Burger


I defrosted some Chorizo and lean ground beef and mixed it together and made burger patties. Grilled them up and served on Romaine lettuce. I added some tomato, onion and mustard
I had a few grapes for dessert and a little more “trail mix.”  Still a little hungry so may have to eat something else….

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3 Responses to Day 7 – Melissa

  1. Andy says:

    That burger looks really good!!!!!!!!!!! A few of those would be super tasty 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    it was fun 😛
    bought a new one today and the inside was good. added some to a smoothie – yummy!!!

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