Day 6, Andyman, January 14

0630: 5 eggs, lots of bacon, and two kiwis. Pretty typical breakfast, so it seems! No picture of this one, you’ve seen it before.

1300: Two chicken breasts, 3 slices of ham, broccoli, 2 kiwis. I only get the kiwis because they are there and I really like them and FINALLY some broccoli… was beginning to think there was a shortage!

chicken, ham, broccoli and kiwis

1600: Super smoothie 5000, made of two bananas, half tub of blueberries, half tub of rasberries, two avocados, an orange, and half a can of coconut milk (unsweetened, thanks Ashley!). Pretty darn tasty, and hopefully more of these fat bombs will get me back in action.


Also, I’ve been snacking on plain roasted almonds all day. Got a big bag of them.

1800: Chicken and bacon, some tomato cherries. Once again, crap selection.



0107: Unfortunately, that was it for today.

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