Day 5, Andyman, 13 January

1300: Two chicken breasts, 4 slices of ham, 4 kiwis. There weren’t any veggies. This was pretty good!

chicken, ham, and kiwis

2045: Made a fruit shake, it had two bananas, half tub of rasberries, half tub of blueberries, an orange, an avocado, and this part RUINED IT: some coconut cream. I thought it was coconut milk. Then I wondered why it came out of the can so slow. Then I looked closer and read the labels and it’s basically sugar, so once again i LOSE…. now i have 7 cans of this stuff that have no place to go lol…. won’t be using them again!


But yeah, I screwed that one up royally. Will do another one tomorrow morning and do it RIGHT….     garsh  *facepalm*

I told myself a loooong time ago that if it wasn’t for three lefts I’d never make it right, so soon enough I’ll be on track.

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