Day 4, Andyman, 12 January

Hmm where to start with this one…. I am typing it all the day after since I didn’t have any time to do work on this post during the day so I may miss something.

0945: 5 eggs over-easy, lots of bacon, and a bite of a plum. The plums were pretty gross. Ate everything else though.

eggs and bacon

Around noon I did a long team wod, and then since I had some free time, me and some others went to the mall to look around at everything. First, I was forced to cheat and get a little coconut and cream latte which was really really good, so oops. We ate at “Thai Chi”. I got the beef and broccoli. It was pretty salty. For the appetizer I got the ‘lettuce wraps’ but they weren’t really wrapped. Hey it’s the best I could do. Later we went to a little food mart and I got some raspberries and ate those real quick 🙂

Lettuce things

beef with broccoli

0015: 5 eggs with tons of bacon. Then sleep finally.I can already tell that tomorrow will be a bad day for food, as far as amount goes.

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