Day 9, Andyman, January 17

0830: 5 eggs, some bacon, and some water. No picture of this one. I couldn’t seem to fall asleep last night, so got around 6hrs. Not too bad!!

1300: Two chicken breasts, green beans (steamed), some cherry tomatos, and a kiwi. I only get that many tomatos because it’s all I really want to eat..

Good stuff!!!

1430: smoothie drink with two bananas, two oranges, handful of pineapple, some rasberries, and half bottle of water. Came out to a liter, and drank up the whole thing. Nap time!

1845: Changed it up a bit this time, and it was pretty durn good. One chicken breast, and one burger patty with lettuce and tomatoes.

2345: 5 eggs over-easy, and a bunch of bacon, bottle of water, star trek 4 (movie), then bed 🙂

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