Day 3, Andyman, 11 January

Time to start eating more… had an intermittent AM but here’s breakfast, and I do plan on doing a wod today!

0545: 5 eggs over-easy, lots o’bacon, and two fingers of cantaloupe.

eggs, bacon, kiwi, canteloupe

The kiwi is pictured as well, but there was a worm burrowing inside one of them so I decided to not eat those….but I ate all the eggs and bacon and cantaloupe, even scraped up the the yolk with the spoon 🙂 I like that stuff!  This was with water as well.

1220: Finally got a lot of sleep. Went to go eat and got two chicken breasts with two slices of ham and sweet potatoes. I don’t know what the verdict is on yams but there were no other greens except collard greens and those are disgusting. Got too many yammers and didn’t eat 4 chunks of them.

chicken, ham, and yams

Also the camera on the phone doesn’t represent the true color…

1600: Ate 7 double stuff oreos. The came in the mail, and wow I couldn’t say no! The first time I quit smoking wasn’t hard at all (or at least that’s how I remember it). The second time was pretty tough, and now, holding back from ultra sugary stuff like oreos is just as difficult as quitting smoking. SO.. I figure, anything that has that kind of stranglehold on your mind and body definitely can’t be good for you so cutting out sugar is FOR THE BEST!!!!!

2100: No picture of this one, forgot. It was two chicken breasts, 4 cherry tomatoes, a yam, and cauliflower and carrots with some small pieces of avocado (thanks for sharing, Ashley!!)

0115: This was the same awake period so it’s the same day. Late night at the airport so I went to Nando’s Chicken and got the ‘full chicken’ with mild sauce, grilled veggie bowl, and olives (not pictured). This was pretty good. Ate 3 of the chickens and took all the rest home.


I have decided that I will start buying lots of food off base. This dfac food just isn’t going to cut it. I totally burnt out on todays wod, and that shouldn’t happen!! It’s time to step up my game!!!

And no Lowell, that beer is still in the fridge! 🙂

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One Response to Day 3, Andyman, 11 January

  1. Melissa says:

    Mmmmmmm Oreos!! Who would send you something like that knowing you are trying to be all Paleo? 🙂

    I’m very jealous – I would love an Oreo right now!!

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