Day 2 for Melissa

So yesterday, I felt hungry a lot.  Maybe it is just my body missing some things because I ate a good amount of food and had several snacks.  We will see how it goes today and see if I make it all day without eating any of the chocolate that sits in this small basket right near my desk.  I can do this!!

0730 Breakfast
2 egg cupcakes and a small bowl of blueberries and strawberries

I usually prepare my breakfast and lunch (both of which go with me to work) the night before.  Because breakfast comes with me to work, I searched for an egg recipe that I could bring to work and eat at my desk.  So I made egg cupcakes!  Like the ones here: Egg Cupcakes

I changed up the recipe based on the veggies I had in the house.  Here are the ingredients I used:
7 eggs
chopped fresh spinach
chopped mushrooms
crumbled cooked bacon

I didn’t  measure anything.  I filled the muffin cups halfway with the egg, added the other ingredients and filled the cups to the top with more egg.

Here is what they look like. No, that is not cheese on top – its just the way the egg turned out.  This made 6 – I brought 2 for breakfast.  I heated them up in the microwave and they were good.

Egg Cupcakes!

0830 Snack
I am soooo hungry and really just want some peanut butter. I’m having a banana and some almonds instead.  And, thank you to the person that put a bag of oranges next to the candy bowl – I will be eating one of those soon too!

0930 Snack
Carrots and Celery
Yes, I am still hungry. Apparently I need to bring more food to work with me everyday or pick different foods that keep me full. Any suggestions?

1130 Lunch
Grilled Chicken Salad with Balsamic Viniagrette
I did good since this was at an Italian restaurant!! No bread… and their bread was warm with dipping sauce… I know the salad dressing probably wasn’t 100% Paleo but we preordered and it was on there when we arrived.

1500 Snack
Orange – told you I would have one of those today!!

1730 Dinner
Leftover Tacos!! They were still good the next day!!

And since I had the same dinner as yesterday, no pictures. But here is one of my daughter’s dinner which is almost Paleo, minus the cheese on the burger. She doesn’t like the spiciness of the tacos so she had what we call a snacky dinner – placed in a muffin tin – she had almonds, tomatoes, cheeseburger, yellow peppers and strawberries.  She will eat just about anything if it comes in a muffin tin or is on a toothpick!

Almost Paleo 4 year old dinner

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