Day 2, Andyman

Late night last night again, went to bed around 3am and got up at 8am, then had to go to the office right away to wait for an email so no breakfast.

1100: Two chicken breasts (buttered) and lots of steamed carrots and of course, water. This was tasty 🙂 I’ll be munching on hazelnuts the rest of the afternoon, and will get a bite in before tonight’s super busy night.

Chicken and carrots

So far, I’m the only one in the dfac who takes a picture of their plate with their phone and emails it to themselves before actually eating!

1420: Since I love variety, and was hungry but didn’t have anything to snack on that would be considered paleo, I decided to go get another meal. I will probably be eating 4 or 5 or more meals a day unless I get something that I can snack on and has decent calories/fat. I am bad at this balanced eating stuff, but that’s why we do these types of things: to learn how to eat. Not learn to eat better, because that implies building on what you know and as it turns out, we (as the general public) don’t know shit. So here’s another dose of carrots and chicken. These carrots were steamed a lot more than the other ones.

Buttered chicken and super steamed carrots

I didn’t eat all the carrots… they got cold before I was done but there was like 10 little slices left.

1730: One chicken breast, 3 slices of grilled ham, however many strawberries, and some cherry tomatoes.

Chicken, ham, strawberries, cherry tomatos

This was pretty tasty! I like the ham/chicken combo and will get it again. This here held me over until the next morning believe it or not…

End of day: At the office around midnight I was finishing up and ate a small cup of slivered almonds, but no pictures of that!

Unfortunately, that was all the food I was able to get for the day as I was too busy/tired to hit the dining facility again. Got to eat more or I’ll wither away!!!

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One Response to Day 2, Andyman

  1. Melissa says:

    That’s a lot of carrots!!! 🙂

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